RightOn Cancer Enrichment Technology

The Promises of Molecular Subtypes

Cancer is a complex genetic disease. There are over 100 different types of cancer and most cancers involve multiple genetic variants. In addition, patients with the same types of cancer often exhibit diverge genetic variation profiles, progression rates, and responses to standard treatments, presenting significant challenges for clinicians to provide accurate prognoses on the disease.

Recent research incorporating the Molecular Subtypes model has resulted in discoveries of genetic variants in cancer pathways, which in turn led to more targeted treatment therapies. As medical researchers continue to adopt the molecular disease model in cancer analysis, it will lead to a better understanding of the molecular mechanism that drive the disease, and open up opportunities for more accurate diagnosis and targeted therapies.

Challenges with A Fast-Evolving Cancer Genetic Landscape

As the number of cancer pathway discoveries and treatment therapies continue to grow, medical researchers are faced with the challenges of effectively incorporating the latest discoveries into their research for comprehensive analysis of the vast number of cancer pathways.

Molecular diagnostics with small cancer panels require multiple testing, which could quickly exhaust the small amounts of tumor cells in the samples. Whole exome and whole genome sequencing generate huge amount of data unrelated to cancer, and are often too costly for routine cancer analysis.

RightOn: The Comprehensive Cancer Profiling Solution

RigthOn Cancer Sequencing Kits enable comprehensive cancer profiling with one single test. A 1,000 caner genes panel, coupled with superior on-target efficiency, provide a convenient, accurate, and cost effective solution for profiling ALL cancer types.

Designed with an advanced enrichment technology, RightOn Cancer Sequencing Kits achieve100x coverage for > 98% of targeted bases, and can detect variants as low as 5% in tumor samples. This deep coverage and high sensitivity provide a convenient, accurate and cost-effective cancer enrichment solution best suited in a fast evolving molecular landscape.

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