RightOn Cancer Sequencing Specifications

RightOn Cancer Sequencing Kits incorporate Elim’s expertise in oligo synthesis and proprietary technology in solution-based DNA target enrichment. The kits, designed with superior on-target efficiency, provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability for sequencing >1,000 cancer genes with a single test.

RightOn Cancer Sequencing Kits provide reagents for library construction as well as target enrichment.

Library Construction

•   High efficiency library preparation specifically designed for low input DNA     samples, as low as 25 ng input DNA.

•   Perfect for library construction of precious samples in limited quantity, such     as FFPE.

•   Includes 12 indices for multiplexing.

•   Libraries compatible with the latest Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing     platforms.

Target Enrichment

•   Complete cancer panel that targets 3.6 Mb of exon regions and intron-exon     junctions for 1,000 cancer related genes.

•   Special bait design provides all targeted regions with the greatest uniform     coverage.

•   Achieve100x coverage on >98% of the targeted bases with relatively low     sequencing data.

•   Optimized design and formulation greatly reduce duplicate generation, an     issue found in other small panel sequencing kits.


Number of Genes 1,000 cancer genes
Target Bases v1: 3.6 Mb, all coding exons and intron-exon junctions
Design Database Extensive databases including UCSD, Sanger & NCBI
Kit Sizes (reactions) 6, 24, 96
100x Minimum Coverage >98%
Amount of Data Required 5 to 6 Gb
Kit Type Reagents for library preps & oligonucleotide probes
Sequence platform compatibility Major platforms, including the latest Illumina and Ion Torrrent
Barcoding compatibility Illumina and other major indices
Technical applications Life science research
Pricing Please contact Elim for price quotes.

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